Self-paced Shinrin Yoku Guide Training (15 weeks)


If you're someone who has always felt a deep connection with the forest, finding peace and a sense of self amidst the whispering trees and rustling leaves, then the Shinrin Yoku Guide Training is designed for you. It's more than just a course; it's a journey towards embracing your passion and Ikigai. This training offers an opportunity to deepen your bond with nature and to share this sacred experience with others. As you walk the tranquil paths of the forest, you're not just exploring nature; you're rediscovering parts of yourself. Now, imagine guiding others on this journey of self-discovery and healing. Our Shinrin Yoku Guide Training equips you with the skills and knowledge to transform your passion into a purposeful path, supporting others find their sanctuary in the forest, just as you did. Embrace this chance to follow your heart, align with your Ikigai, and become a guiding light for others in their journey through the healing embrace of nature.

Course Summary

Shinrin Yoku

Week 1: Shinrin Yoku Foundations - Understanding the origins and philosophy, and cultural roots of Shinrin Yoku.

Week 2: Shinrin Yoku Association Code of Conduct - Ethical guidelines and professional standards

Week 3: Science of Shinrin Yoku - Studying the scientific research on Shinrin Yoku's physical and psychological benefits. 

Week 4: Nature Connectedness - Exploring the concept and strategies to deepen the connection with nature during Shinrin Yoku. 

Week 5: Designing Your Shinrin Yoku Session 1 - Develop skills to design and facilitate a Shinrin Yoku session.
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Week 6: Your Wellbeing - Introspecting personal health and understanding how Shinrin Yoku contributes to wellbeing.

Week 7: Your Senses - Exploring personal sensory experiences and how they enrich Shinrin Yoku sessions.  

Week 8: Your Values - Clarifying personal values and their alignment with the principles of Shinrin Yoku.  

Week 9: Your Empathy - Understanding the role of empathy in Shinrin Yoku practice, for oneself and participants.  

Week 10: Designing Your Shinrin Yoku Session 2 - Applying personal insights to further develop Shinrin Yoku session design skills, and terms and conditions

Mori no Naka

Week 11: Practice Orientation - Understanding Shinrin Yoku Association' Assessment Markers procedures involved in conducting a Shinrin Yoku session.

Week 12: Practice 1 - Beginning to gain practical experience in conducting Shinrin Yoku sessions and receiving initial feedback.

Week 13: Practice 2 - Continuation of hands-on experience with conducting sessions, further incorporating feedback for improvement.  

Week 14: Practice 3 - Building on the previous weeks' experience, leading sessions with increased confidence

Week 15: Practice 4 - Continuing the practical experience phase in the module. 


Week 16: Your Passion & Why’s - Identifying personal passions and and clarifying your driving motivations by using Ikigai.

Week 17: Your Mission & Vision - Formulating a mission and vision that will guide your professional practice and business/project endeavors.

Week 18: Manifesting - Learning strategies for achieving your goals as a Shinrin Yoku guide, including project/business planning, marketing, and networking.  

Week 19: Your Life’s Project - Creating a comprehensive project plan by including all your passions.

Week 20: Completion & Acknowledgments - Reflecting on the learning journey and acknowledging progress made.

* This is module is optional and it cost additional 199 USD


Flexibility in Scheduling:  Participants can engage with the material at their convenience, fitting the learning around their personal and professional commitments.

Learn at Your Own Pace:  Individuals can take the time they need to thoroughly understand and absorb the material, revisiting content as often as necessary.

Accessibility: Online availability means people from any location with internet access can participate, removing geographical barriers.

Cost-Effectiveness: Generally, self-paced online courses can be more affordable than instructor-led programs, as there are fewer overhead costs.

Comfort and Convenience:  Participants can learn from the comfort of their own home, creating a personal learning environment that suits their needs.

Personalized Learning Experience: Learners can focus on areas of particular interest or need more time, tailoring the experience to their personal learning goals.


Lack of Real-Time Interaction:  Without an instructor or classmates, participants miss out on the dynamic learning that comes from live discussions, immediate feedback, and shared experiences.

Self-Motivation Required:  Without structured class times, participants need a higher level of self-discipline and motivation to engage regularly with the material.

Limited Networking Opportunities:  The absence of a physical or synchronous online class environment reduces opportunities for networking with peers and instructors.

Less Hands-On Guidance:  Participants may miss out on the practical, hands-on guidance and immediate clarification that an instructor can provide.


As you embark on your self-paced journey in the Shinrin Yoku Guide Training, we understand the unique challenges that come with online learning. To offset some of the disadvantages and enhance your training experience, we have put in place several supportive measures:  

Community Board Interaction:  We strongly encourage you to actively engage with our community board. This platform allows you to interact with fellow participants, exchange ideas, and share your experiences. By leaving comments under the training materials and participating in discussions, you can gain valuable insights and feel a part of our learning community.

Active Support from Our Team:  Our dedicated team will be actively interacting with you on the community board. We’re here to provide hints, tips, and answers to all your questions. This ongoing support is designed to make your learning process as interactive and informative as possible.

Direct Feedback from Milena:  The founder of the Shinrin Yoku Association & The Mindful Tourist: 森の心・人の心 Journey Through Life With the Wisdom of the Forest,   will personally be providing direct feedback on your weekly assignments. This is a crucial part of your learning journey, offering you personalized guidance and insights to help you grow and refine your skills as a Shinrin Yoku guide.

Join Free Events:  To supplement your self-paced learning, we invite you to participate in our free events. These events are great opportunities to connect in real-time, engage in live discussions, and expand your learning experience beyond the online platform. We believe these initiatives will significantly enhance your learning experience, making it more interactive, supportive, and engaging.

Personal Consultation Sessions with Milena:  Before you embark on the Practice Module of your training, you will have the opportunity to participate in two personal consultation sessions with Milena. These sessions are designed to deepen your understanding, address any specific questions you may have before you start your practice.

Your Shinrin Yoku Practice

As part of the SAY (Shinrin Yoku Association) accredited Shinrin Yoku Guide Training, you will participate in a series of practical sessions designed to deepen your understanding of Shinrin Yoku and develop your skills as a guide.  A key requirement of the training is the completion of ten Shinrin Yoku practice sessions, each lasting a minimum of two hours. These sessions provide the experiential grounding essential to becoming a proficient Shinrin Yoku guide.

These practice sessions are supplemented by weekly assignments and reading materials, which explore the theoretical foundations and applications of Shinrin Yoku. You'll delve into the scientific research behind Shinrin Yoku, examine its cultural and spiritual roots, and explore how it contributes to physical and mental wellbeing.  As a culmination of your learning, you'll be required to write a protocol following established SAY markers. This document will be based on the Shinrin Yoku Guide capacities and will reflect your understanding of the principles and techniques of Shinrin Yoku, your ability to facilitate a session, and your capacity to connect with and guide others through their own Shinrin Yoku experience.  

By integrating practical sessions with theoretical learning, the SAY accredited Shinrin Yoku Guide Training ensures that you are well-equipped to guide others on their Shinrin Yoku journey. It supports not only your personal growth and understanding of Shinrin Yoku but also your ability to foster this experience for others, embodying the core values of respect, mindfulness, and connectedness inherent to Shinrin Yoku.

Q & A Requirements

Q: What are the key requirements for completing the Shinrin Yoku training program?
A: The program involves several key requirements: completing weekly assignments and readings, conducting 10 Shinrin Yoku practice sessions, filling out SYA Self-Evaluation Sheets for each practice session, passing a final exam, and signing the SYA Pledge.

Q: What are the weekly assignments and readings about?
A: Each week, you will be given assignments related to that week's topics, which will often involve reading materials provided as part of the course, reflecting on the content, and applying it in practical exercises or written responses.

Q: How many practice sessions do I need to conduct?
A: You are required to conduct a total of 10 Shinrin Yoku practice sessions, each lasting a minimum of 2 hours. Four of these will be conducted during the "Art of Shinrin Yoku Practice" module, and the remaining 6 will be completed at your convenience.
Q: What are SYA Self-Evaluation Sheets?

A: After each practice session, you need to fill out a self-evaluation sheet based on the Shinrin Yoku Association's markers. This helps you reflect on your performance during the session, assess your strengths and areas for improvement, and consider how you might enhance future sessions.

Q: What is the final exam about?
A: The final exam is designed to assess your understanding of the course content and your ability to apply this knowledge in a practical setting. It ensures that you have a solid grasp of Shinrin Yoku principles, practices, and guidelines.

Q: What is the SYA Pledge?
A: The SYA Pledge is a formal commitment to uphold the standards, ethics, and values of the Shinrin Yoku Association. By signing it, you affirm your understanding of the Association's Code of Conduct and Guidelines, and your intention to apply them in your practice as a Shinrin Yoku guide.

Q: What are SYA assessment markers?

SYA Training programs use assessment markers or criteria to evaluate the competency and skills of Shinrin Yoku guides in training. These markers relate to understanding of Shinrin Yoku philosophy, ability to guide a Shinrin Yoku session effectively, capacity to manage group dynamics, understanding of the health and wellness benefits of Shinrin Yoku, and adherence to professional and ethical guidelines, among other aspects.  

Q & A Practice

Q1: What does the Shinrin Yoku training program entail in terms of practice sessions?  
A1: The Shinrin Yoku training program includes a requirement of conducting 10 practice sessions, with each session having a minimum duration of 2 hours. These sessions are divided into individual and group sessions, with 5 sessions devoted to each type.

 Q2: What is the difference between individual and group Shinrin Yoku sessions?
A2: In individual Shinrin Yoku sessions, the guide works with one participant, focusing on a personalized experience. In contrast, group sessions involve more than one participant, requiring group facilitation skills and managing dynamics among participants.

 Q3: When am I expected to conduct these practice sessions during the training program?
A3: During the "The Art of Shinrin Yoku Practice" module, which runs from week 11 to 15, you are expected to conduct four practical Shinrin Yoku sessions as part of weekly assignments. This should give you confidence to conduct the remaining sessions. Some people finish all the practice by the end of the training. Some one month after the online training. You will have up to 3 months to complete the practice. If you need more time, please simply let us know - we understand that a personal circumstance play a huge role in the process of ticking off all the requirements.

Q4: How can I find practice clients for my Shinrin Yoku sessions?  
A4: Finding practice clients can be approached in several ways. You can start with your personal network, then expand to community outreach, social media promotion, attending local events, volunteering, partnering with local businesses, and relying on word of mouth.  

Q5: What is the ultimate goal of these practice sessions?  
A5: The primary goal of these sessions is to provide hands-on experience in conducting Shinrin Yoku sessions. This allows you to refine your guiding skills, receive feedback, reflect on your practice, and continuously improve your abilities as a Shinrin Yoku guide.

Course Curriculum

Shinrin Yoku

Course Pricing

  • Self-paced Shinrin Yoku Guide Training (15 weeks)
  • $499 USD

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  • Self-paced online training
  • Possibility of completing it within 15 weeks
  • Theory based on Japanese & International Literature
  • 3 Full Shinrin Yoku Sessions Protocols
  • 15 Shinrin Yoku Invitations
  • 5 Forest Mediations
  • 2 Consultations Sessions with Milena, the founder of SYA (optional)
  • Direct feedback on assignments from Milena
  • Examples of SY session -related logistics documents
  • Check-out Session with Milena after fulfilling all requirements
  • Access to International Community of SYA Shinrin Yoku Guides
  • Free Access to Online Evnents
  • One Meeting with Other Shinrin Yoku Guide
  • 1-year Shinrin Yoku Association Membership


Business  Owner

I would like to say a big thank you to my ever supportive, kind and compassionate teacher Milena. Your coaching, and the assignments in the program, helped me find my creativity and trust myself in the process of designing forest bathing practices. The 15 week program was only the beginning of a longer journey for me, but already I have made many new friends and potential business partners through my forest bathing practice hours. I miss the weekly meetings and I am really grateful for everything you taught me.


Bussines Owner

During my time with the training I've experienced uplifting personal and professional growth. Through the Forest Bathing skills gained, I've a richer, deeper connection with nature, far surpassing my previous skills and understanding.


Event Menager

The training has certainly deepened my understanding of nature connectedness and has helped me to further triangulate my research and work with biophilia and biophilic design. I'm so thankful to Milena for her wisdom, present-ness, and compassion in our sessions and love sharing this small portion of our lives together.